Monday, May 30, 2005

Good weekend.

Friday day Joanne and I went downtown with the kids (Grace, Lucy, Seth, Monty), and went to the market and then to James street to the Portuguese/Italian market stores, and bought beautiful flowahs to plant. And they were cheap. Here is a Dahlina:

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And these wicked pretty carnations:

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We were quite pleased with ourselves. Except we shoulda brought a camera because Monty and Seth both wore red hats and at one point were eating strawberries and the juice dribbling down the chins and the big grins...

Saturday Jay and I and my MIL (Oma) took the kids to this great renovated old style movie theatre (The Movie Palace) on Concession street to see Madagascar.

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What an awesome place. It is all done in 20's/art deco style, gorgeous hallway,

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And the seats! The best part! Were booths! So our whole family fit in this comfy velvet covered booth, with a clever fold down table in front of you! So roomy and just great.

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I love that there are people who have an interest in rebuilding a place like this. So much more preferable than the multiplex-move along youre in theatre 647- Nobody make eye contact with the customers- kaching kaching places. One theatre, with one ticket booth, showing one movie.

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Madagascar was pretty good. The kids liked it, and with Ben Stiller and David Hyde Pierce you can't really lose.

Saturday night Jay and I went with his friend Rob to Rob's mom's stag and doe. Which was pretty mellow, but look what I won!

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You gotta love a 1.75 Litre of Bailey's Irish Cream. I am so going to be making Bailey's Fudge today. Look out BWB. Let out the capris.

Yesterday Jay spent most of the day with Sam making a cross-bow for a school project. They really should have the kids make these out of popsicle sticks or something. Jay is such a perfectionist. Sam will be the only kid with a routed rifle style crossbow complete with a spring trigger. And I just know that Jay was dreaming all night about different ways he could have made that thing that would have been better. Alls I know is at 12:45 I have to walk that thing into the school with Monty and Luce in tow. And there is a good chance I will probly get arrested or at least detained while they call the police, have the Children's Services come and take my kids to temporary foster care.

Thankfully, Jay designed it so that the wooden arrow just pops out the top, goes about three inches (much to Sam's chagrin, of course). So as long as I don't have any baby powder residue on my clothing or anything ticking in my purse, they will probably let me off with a warning.

Alright, I am outty. Have a great Mon, yall.



At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That theatre looks really cool! Wish we had one of those in my town.

And Baileys Irish cream is sooooo good in coffee....


At 3:40 AM, Blogger mrtl said...

Bailey's Fudge is THE BEST!!!!

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day.

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Annejelynn said...

not counting wine -that's simply a beverage (evil giggle)- the only liquor I buy is Peach Schnapps and BAILEYS!!! yummy, nummy Baileys!

At 11:19 PM, Blogger Annejelynn said...

and there's such thing as Baileys fudge? do share! post it! post the recipe! purty puhleeeze!


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