Saturday, January 29, 2005

On the mend.......

I must say that there is not much to blog about in terms of day to day events when you havent really left the house in five days. Wait, that's not true. I did go to Shoppers three different times for various curing remedies and kleenex.

And Diet Coke.

And diapers.

And um, one Cadbury Fruit and Nut choc bar. (Don't even start. It's called PMS.)

That reminds me, one time after Christmas last year I went to Shoppers for something and they had all the Christmas chocolate on sale. So I bought this box (BOX.) of Lindor assorted chocs. They looked really good. I don't even think I remembered what I was there for once I had those chocolates in my hand.

So I go out to the car with them and put them on the front seat beside me. Then I needed to try them. (Ask any mom, many, many treats are eaten alone in the car because it is a treat on top of a treat to not have anyone salivating all over you for whatcha got.) So I try to open the package and it is like, sealed as if it was going 20,000 feet below sea level. I swear it was pressurized and everything in there. I couldn't peel back the layer of plastic wrap, so I am trying to tear it with my teeth.

It wouldn't give. So then I am fighting with it, like a hyena yankin on a carcass, using both hands and biting the plastic until finally, FINALLY I can get it open.

Ahhhh. I open the box with my sweaty hand and extract a beautiful chocolate, pop it into my mouth.

Then I get this feeling, so I look out the window beside me.

And there is this GUY parked there, staring at me, who has been waiting for my spot.

I almost died. I just stared back.

He smiled a little smile at me, a little frightened smile. A little, "I'm just going to leave you alone because you might hurt me" smile.

I realized then that everything was just fine. He probably had a wife of his own who attacked boxes of chocolates once a month. I had the power. It felt good.

I shot him a serious look. Then I put another chocolate in my mouth and pulled out of the parking space, all business.

Sometimes it's fun to be a woman.



At 3:37 PM, Blogger Tisha said...

The chocolate blog was too funny!!
I have done that exact same thing fact I remember a time when I totally neglected to finish my shopping and bought my candy and went straight to my vehicle to enjoy it.
I can totally relate!
Thanks for the laugh!


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