Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy Jan 4!

Whatever eh. I have been surfin the net absentmindedly and now my right hand is cold from being held away from my body on the mouse for so long! Eek.

Watched the new Patricia Arquette drama "Medium" on Mon night. It was pretty good, looking forward to checking it out again. I have always liked her. She is so un-book pretty, with her worried eyes and crooked teeth.

My jojo silver comes home today from a torturously long trip to Sask. That's enough now. I need to sit in her front room and drink tea now.

This morning I watched Sandy's two kids along with my own monty and lucy. Yowsers, again and again I am dumbfounded at how my mother survived having four kids in five years. I mean, every time you turn around somebody is either standing on a chair or eating the dirt out of the plant (don't worry san, this was one of mine) or hungry or smells funky or is dumping a big ole box of toys on the floor. I was totally fine with it this morn. I can NOT IMAGINE living it 24 hours a day. To my parental units I salute thee. Times nine.

I am reading a doozy. It is called "The Divine Economy of Salvation" by, um, shoot. Anna Paddul? More on that when I can get the authors name right. Can I say I am enjoying not taking a class (Yet) this semester? Can I say that I want to not take one at all? That last semester and the cultural studies almost killed me?

Argh. I need to finish my degree. There always seems to be something in my life that is a little albatrossian. Always one little weevil wedged into my consciousness, that keeps me from being totally content at any given time. Right now it is whichever course I am taking. You can't take a course at university and not have the weevil effect, unless you are BB (born brilliant) and dont have to work to get a decent mark. There is the reading. The assignments. The nagging feeling that you are just not smart enough. The exam.


Any HOO. We can think about it tomorrow, said Scarlett. Tonight I am going to scoot downstairs, make meself an HC and bring it up to my bed, (NoteToSelf: Hold Hot Choc with right hand to restore blood flow) where I shall tuck into my book for half an hour and then sleep perchance to dream.

Bon nuit, mes amis.



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