Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hey hey,

Been a long time since Army blogged. Army busy.

And now that I am here I kinda don't have much to say. So there you go. This past week you were spared an hour by hour account of existence. So I shall do what any self respecting parent does when they can't think of anything else to write, I will give you an update on my kids.

Headline 1


I love how that kid gets obsessed about things. He really gives 110 percent to whatever he is into at any given time. For a while it was everything Chinese. Then it was Sonic the Hedgehog. Now it is Godzilla. He has watched three different G-zilla movies. He draws Godzilla. He is doing Godzilla for his speech subject. (Remember grade school speeches?!) He is having me bid on a G-zilla toy on ebay ("Honest Ma!!! I will pay for it OUT of MY OWN moNEEEEE!"). What a riot.


Or something like. I swear, the kid is waitin for a flood in the pants I bought him to start school in September that I had to roll up twice. And he is getting heavy! Which makes it hard to give airplane rides or have a romantic dance in the kitchen to PAVLO after supper. As for other news on the Eggbert front, he is still up to hijinks but no major madness this week.


That little bum. I have these three pieces of foam that I wedge into the bottom step of the stairs leading up from my kitchen. It worked like a charm for Monty till he was two. But the red headed mastermind figured out that she can dig out the protective cover (blanket) and tunnel her way through the pieces and get past them! How dare she! So now she is upstairs downstairs all around the town. And, of course, so is her exhausted Mother. Blech.

Thats it! Arent you glad you stopped by?

Other than all this eggsitement I did NOT end up registering for a course at Mac this semester. And I am GLAD. GLAD I tell you. I am doing a set for the humour conference in less than four weeks though. So the mental faculties will have their workout, as fifteen minutes of comedy material translates into about 40 hours of writing and rehearsing and all that. Any one heard any good jokes lately?

Alright well toodle oo. I must go find something to go with the roast I made today.



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