Friday, August 13, 2004

He Won. Good for him. Congrats to John Heffron for taking the cookies home in a bag! I really enjoy his style of comedy, and he has been the most consistently funny comic on the show.

It is 10:12 and I have had one of those mornings. I dropped Sammy off at Jojo Silvers, then drove Monty to his VBS on the west mountain. Where he was a complete bum and wouldn't go sit with his group. He kept hanging off my legs and almost knocking me over with Lucy in my arms. So I sat a few pews behind and told him to go and sit with his group. And he did the two or three steps away from me and then kept running back to me. So I said that's enough. Go to your seat now I am leaving. But he wouldnt go to his seat. He was acting like a bratorama. So I said, okay, go and sit down or we are leaving.
And he still came back. By then I was frustrated and slightly embarrassed that my kid was making this little scene. So I took him firmly by the hand and we left. Then we are in the parking lot and he says, "Please mommy, I wanna go to church school now." I say "Nope. You had your chances and now we are going home."

He drops to the ground and has an epileptic type tantrum. Kids are walking by and staring. I am trying to pick him up while not dropping Lucy.

I got him into the car and he screamed all the way home. Took his seatbelt off twice en route. Threw a toy at Lucy's face.

So home we get and he is immediately taken by force to his room.

Remember that scene in the Sixth Sense where the little boy who sees dead people is trapped in that closet at the birthday party and you hear all this banging and screaming because he is getting attacked by something?

Really, I am always surprised that Monty hasn't given himself a concussion when I let him out. Now he is out and he keeps saying, "Mommy, I am ready to go sit in my seat and be good." and then I say, "No, Monty. We are not going." and then the crying and freaking out starts afresh. The sheer stamina of kids amazes me.

It is too bad though. Because today was the last day and they were having a little performance and party thing and the parents were invited. I was looking forward to it. But I have to stick to my guns now that they are drawn. And it is a gloomy sort of day and the angel baby Lucy is miserable. Being home with the kids can suck sometimes. Especially when the home in question is a bit (a lot) messy.

Okay now Lady Luck is crying and who knows why so I better go and hang out with her.

Toodle-oo kalamazoo chief perdue ping lei foo how bout you.


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