Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fola Shola.

Well, little Johnny Heffronny did excellently tonight, I would say he performed the best out of the three comics, and that he has the best chance of winning. GG did well too, and absolutely could win, but I am rootin for Johnny. Alonzo is a little too bitter, I think he will get the black vote of course but as a comic he lacks the warm fuzzy factor.

Man, what am I, some kind of Last Comic Standing self-appointed critic? Get over meself, eh? We had fun watching, although mr monty slept from five till almost ten, then woke up and was WIRED FOR SOUND. So we watched LCS with a small spiderman flying about the room. That kid is a riot. He is calling himself Montgom'ry now. Montgom'ry Forewerer. He comes up to me and hugs me and then kisses me right on the mouth and says, "I'm gonna get married." And I say, "To who?" "To YOU, mommy." I say, "You can't marry me, I'm married to Daddy. Who are you going to marry?"
And he says, "Alexandra, AND Paulina." (neighbor girls his age.)

Bless his polygamic little heart. Hope these ladies know that their beloved will be leaving at night, off to swing through the city streets and fight crime. He has worn Lucas Silver's spiderman costume so Non-stop in the past few days that he has given himself a heat rash all over his neck.

On other fronts, I am off to Mac tomorrow to register for Sept. I am taking a Women Writer's course during the DAY. Monday and Thursday mornings. Don't know how the hell I am going to work that one out yet but where there is a will theres a way. The night courses that are on the very short list of what I get to take are crapola. Critical Thinking? Blech. Gender Issues in Literature? Ugh. This one looks good, and i have actually had the prof (Lorraine York) before and she was lovely. So I am going to make this work.

Alright well I better get meself off to bed. VBS comes pretty early in the morning don'tcha know.



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