Friday, May 07, 2004

Mortgage day today. It all goes down at 7pm. Just have to find our house insurance papers first. Hmm. I am not the most diligent filer of paperage, but I have gotten better. There are two filing cabinets downstairs from when Jay had his Fluid Pro business. One is a huge four drawer one. It is 85 percent full of crap, from the business, that I don't know whether to throw out or not. Well, thats not true, I could probably get rid of the pizza joint flyers and old hydraulic catalogues. And fifteen percent is one little section of our household papers. Kind of willy nilly in there, a complicated filing system that only my type of brain would understand. ( I know Sandy, if she is reading this, is probably having a good laugh right now.)

You see, I kind of have this life. This life I manage to live despite the fact that most days I am not organized or even a little bit cohesive about. I pull important papers out of the garbage just in time, blow off the popcorn crumbs and hand them to the lady at the bank with a Whew! I go to give my credit card number for the chinese food guy and of course it is not in my purse, so I tell him to hang on and then fly out the front door to find it on the floor of my car beside the front seat. "Here we are!" I am calling the rrsp investor group that we use to tell them on April 30 that I lost the rrsp receipt thingy they sent us for, you know, like, the income tax form? (verbatim here), only to find out, a few months later, that it is in the envelope still, unopened up on a shelf beside the cookbooks.

I can't believe I haven't gotten put under some kind of arrest for disorder yet. They haven't found me out, because, somehow, I always manage, by the skin of my fangs, to get by. Hee Hee. I pay all the bills at this place, do all the banking and cheque writing and shopping, in my own half crazy way. Now, of course, said bills aren't always, how you say, on time. And I usually have absolutely no idea how much money we have in the bank at any given time. Every cheque I write is sent off with a little kiss for good luck. But remarkably I have never bounced a cheque! Amazing, isn't it? And only once did I forget to pay the hydro bill for so long that the guy came to disconnect it and I ran out there and threw money at him and all was fine. I mean, there have to be a few slip ups, I have been doing this job for ten long years.

Money bugs me. As soon as someone starts trying to explain money issues to me, I get all squirmy and twitchy. I know this half-mad willy nilly management of a household is no way to live. But here I am, eh. And here I go. I have to go find that wily insurance paper.......


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