Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Taking a breaky from my multitasking. The vacuum is at attention in the living room. The dishes are 'soaking' in the sink. Monty is (of course) in Spidey regalia, waiting for me to take him outside for a run (well, he is a bit like a Jack Russel Terrier, no question). Lady Luck is waiting for a bit of nosh. I have a bunch of ebes to list. I have to call Uncle Donny and tell him his little mortgage holding days are over. (kind of putting this off.) I have to take a DVD player back to Wal Mart. I have to pack about ten things to mail tonight. The laundry that I oh so carefully folded on Sunday night is still on the foos ball table in the rec room, and it is slowly becoming dismantled as we keep reaching in there to get a pair of socks or underwear, or whatever.

Thats about it for me, how bout you?

Gotta jet. Out of all the contestants for my time, Monty wins again.


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