Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Diet Cokin' it.

Daddy o did not get homey till around ten. By then I was finito. And of course Monty woke up and wanted to say hi! And I was like, talk to the hand. So Jay gets him up and out of his room and is holding him and he starts talking about his boo boo on his finger. And Jay says, show mommy which finger! And then my three year old, just to put the cherry smack dab in the middle of the whip cream of a rotten sundae of a night, sticks up his boo booed middle finger at me.


It did make me laugh though. He has this huge smile while he is making his rude gesture that says, "Ain't I just the best kid you ever met?"
So I didn't watch any Kill Bill. I basically folded laundry and then went to bed.

And lo and behold Daddy just instant messaged me and said he will be late again. Ahhhhhhh it just gets better and better. And I was thinking I might like to have one more kid. Hm.

I don't know what to blog about besides complaining. Here is a list of my favourite movies.
Singin in the Rain
True Romance
Annie (the one with Carol Burnett)
Shawshank Redemption
The Changeling
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Run Lola Run

That is only a partial list. Because everything in my life is partial. Because i cannot stay at any one task until it's completion. Because I have a Monty.



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