Monday, May 03, 2004


Here is a mini review of Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 which I saw within twelve hours of each other on the weekend.

1. Blood.
2. Bodies being thrown around.
3. Great story.
4. Awesome main character.
5. Samurai swords.
6. Eyeballs plucked out.
7. Three inch punch.
8. Anime sequence.
9. Black and white flashback sequence.
10. Did I already say great storytelling?

Uma was awesome. Her long lanky frame and quirky beauty were a perfect choice for Beatrix Kiddo. She moves through the film like a warrior giraffe on a catwalk. Her teeth are unbelievably straight across the bottom, which makes all of Tarantino's inquisitive close-ups a real treat. She addresses the camera several times in the film but never in a typically starletty seductive way. She is matter of fact like a guy, but her eyes are all woman.

The writing is smart and tight. Tarantino does just what you should do with a plot--show the audience a little bit of what's going on, and then make 'em wait. Except for a little too much lollygagging at the end with Beatrix and Bill and the kid, the dialogue is rarely superfluous or forced. I love the commentary by Beatrix, and love love the title frames announcing times dates and places. I love that QT isn't afraid to constantly remind us that we are watching a movie. This is smart, because it makes the violence easier to swallow.

That said. MY LORD. Les Violence est tres tres. QT tries his best to make it arty, with the blood showering everyone in slo mo and all, but it is what it is. The sword fighting scenes were awesome, elegant, even. Loved Beatrix's training with the old master Pai Pei. The crazy 88's were fun to watch go down. But there were a few choice momentes when I wished, too late, that I had covered my eyes. Blech.

Watching the two movies so close together really melded them for me. And the storyline is criss crossed so that you get the beginning of the story in the second film, etc. I like this, it adds to the mystery. QT is all about giving us the what and then letting the why ooze out slowly during the rest of the film.

I give Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 a definite recommend. Just don't whine to me after that it was too violent. It is too violent. It's kinda called, um, KILL Bill.



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