Monday, April 26, 2004

Oh, Lucy, get your teeth already.

Lady Luck has FOUR teeth coming in at once up top. It is taking a looong time and while I don't blame her for being miserable with it, I could do without the pre-chompers clamping down at the end of nursing. Ouch. So it is weaning time at the Forderer house. We are up to two bottles a day.

Decent weekend. What did I do? Anyone remember? Did you see me at all on the weekend? Thats how it feels every monday. Then I have to back track using triggers like, there is a pair of black dress pants on my floor so I went to church. There are two movies to return to Steel City on the hall table so we watched two movies. (ummm, Freaky Friday and Cheaper by The D.) What else? My pilates dvd's are still sitting on the island in the kitch untouched by human hands so I did NOT do pilates. (okay, have not done them. Not once. But they sure look good on the counter.) Digital camera is beside computer so I listed some ebes. Big envelopes ready to go on kitchen table so I packed some ebes.

We did have a nice brunch at the Sheraton for book group on Sat morn. Ahhhh. Brunch avec les ladies. So nice. Small turnout but anyone who was anyone was there. Lucy, of course, was a dream date, smiling at everyone and just being a red headed angel baby.

Haltie. Siobbhan.
(sorry i am putting that there so i don't forget to bring this dog walking thing to my sister. when i check in here later to see if any clever souls have commented it will nudge me, hopefully.)

Oh! Jay and i had an appt at the bank on Sat. We just had Lucy with so of course it was a mini date, sitting there in this quiet office like two normal relaxed people. We are finally paying off Uncle Donny and getting a real mortgage! 5 percent instead of 7.25. So it should all happen later this week. I still have this fear that they will look into MY credit history and go, umm, go to jail please. As I was not the most diligent person for paying back places from whom I had bought things for most of my twenties. Jay has impeccable credit, except where I have been involved, which, thankfully, hasnt been much. Isnt it seven years and then things get wiped off your credit thingy? Hope so. (Here is where, if I had a clue how, I would insert that smiley face that looks nervous with the teeth showing and upturned eyebrows)

Okay well I promised myself i would do laundry today. pathetic. Youre supposed to promise yourself a manicure, or a new pair of jeans. Anyhoo, there are at least four loads to do. So I'm off to domestica.



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