Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It's late, and i should be climbin' into my scratcher, but I was checking my ebay anyway so here i am.

Daddy-o is gone again, hopefully will be home tomorrow night. For dinner we had, um, some pieces of melon, some chicken fingers, some rice crackers, and whole wheat buns with butter. I like not cooking a whole big mealio once in a while (okay, not once in a while, I like it anytime). Not too bad of an evening, as the kids were good, except Sam needs a little attitude check about every three minutes. I think it is an eight year old thing. What a life. He gets to play outside for three hours then bring Dimitri in to watch a movie and they have a blast, then when its time for D to go home he is scowling like a pirate at me, just totally annoyed and acts like I have had him in handcuffs for three weeks.

Man. It's like, how much can ya give these people?

Dimitri is kind of a riot. He is the Greek kid who lives a few houses down and across the street. His brother is Aris and they are friends with Sammy. On Christmas Day Dimitri was on our porch at eight thirty in the morning in a pair of shorts and a T shirt, with his Spiderman wrist web spray thingy, just dying to show it to Sam. So we ask him in, (as they always have Sam in their house and it is like we have to get a deprogrammer to get him back out after twelve hours). Dimitri hangs out with our family for the whole Christmas day, enjoys a late brunch with us, checks out everybody's presents. Hilarious.
His mom later told me that he had told her that he was just going to the porch for a minute to try his Spiderman thing. Kids are funny.

It is a great neighborhood for kids round here and I feel lucky to be here. We have Bruno across the street who is about 68 and knows what the weather is and what it will be tomorrow like it's his personal mission to know it. Tony on the other side is an older Italian guy who is just a darling and grows the nicest tomatoes you ever saw. Today he was walking by as I pulled up with the kids and he waited for me to pull in and get out of the car.
Then he said,
"How'sa keeds?"
I said, "Good! They fell asleep!"
He said, "Okay, I'm a gonna helpa you. Whicha one first?"

So nice. Then we have the Polish connection next door. The mom's name is Joanna and she and I talk, though her hubby is kind of (very) quiet so I don't even know his name, even though he and his brother came and did our tiles in the basement! But they have two boys and a girl. Beside them is another old Tony with his wife (name?) and they have a big ole German Shepherd dog.

I could go on but you get the pic. Every other house is older people, every other house is a young family. Pretty much, anyways. A good mix. And pretty safe. I mean, last year after night class once, I came in and went to bed. Then at four thirty in the morning the phone is ringing. I dont make it in time but I get to it and we have call display so I see it is my neighbor Chris (Dimitri and Aris' dad). I am thinking they need me to come over for some emergency and am about to call them back. Then there is a banging at my front door. It is Chris. He was leaving for work and he noticed my CAR IS RUNNING. Eeep! Since 1030 pm my car is running in my driveway. And nobody made off with it. So I think a decent neighborhood. A little boring, as noone was up late enough to notice that it was rarin' to go in the driveway, but decent nonetheless.

Okay I have talked myself into tiredness supremo. Off to bed with moi. Night night.


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