Thursday, April 01, 2004


Ahh. tired this morning! Had Les Joies last night at Knox, it went really well. I actually really like doing a running group as I feel like I am getting to know the personalities and we are a little more comfortable with each other every week. The grouchy lady that was there the first week has never returned, in case any of you were concerned about her! I do see her there in the church but she doesnt come up to the group, I think she is in the Ladies Auxilary or something.

But it was a good night. And then home to get the kidlets to bed, which took way longer of course as they were a bit (a lot) wired and I am still single mommin it. I crash on the couch around ten thirty, and at 1130 DADDY GETS HOME. Yayy! So i made him some food and sat up and talked which is why tired now but worth it.

So that was my evening in a conch shell, how was yours?

If you must know what I am doing today I am off to Elisabeths house to drop off some stuff and have a visit. Then I am going to Sportchek in Ancaster where I saw in the flyer that they have the loveliest pair of FILA yoga pants which I have been looking for on sale. Thick knit, thick waistband, and black. You know the ones I mean. I hate wearing jeans all the time. You just can't scarf a decent meal in jeans and remain comfortable driving home.

Still undecided about joining a gym. I am thinking I am going to try pilates at Laurier rec centre, it is only 15 bucks for six weeks and I have been meaning to try it. Anyone wanna come?

I enjoyed Brian's post about 24 even though I gave up on the show this year by hour 5. I was ferociously into it last year, but this year I missed ONE episode and then couldnt keep up with the plot twists and decided to rent the whole season one day instead. I am loving 'Without a Trace' and of course the beloved David Caruso on CSI Miami, no matter how many times he repeats the obvious when standing over a dead body ("The problem, my friend. The problem is that now we are looking, we are LOOKING for a killer.")
I still think he is great. And I was kind of into 'In the Line of Fire' but it's been a while.

I gotta choose my course for the summer at Mac. Just a half credit to keep the mental juices fresh, hope there is something reasonable happening on tues or thurs nights. After that just one more half credit and I FINALLY will have my BA. Man. Part time school takes forEVER.

And so does getting ready to go out in the morning so I better get off the computer and git goin.



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